You are a smart, savvy, and sophisticated consumer, and nobody’s fool. You don’t need to be harassed and haggled on 47th street, and you don’t deserve to be ripped off by 5th avenue branding. Hard fact. Kirk Gougasian established his brand to change the way people like himself shopped, empowering them with his own intel and experience, and leveraging his lifelong established contacts to offer premium services at a direct to consumer price point.

His father, Mourad Gougasian, is a master jeweler with over 60 years in the industry, and Kirk was literally born and raised in the jewelry industry, growing up on the inside, having seen and heard it all. As the industry changed and evolved, Kirk became disappointed by how the industry has been cheapened, turned into a haggle of competing vendors and 47th street hustlers, with true craftsmanship on the decline, and cheap, low quality products flooding the market from overseas. This was not the world he was raised in, and not what he wanted to be a part of.

Impassioned by his own principles of integrity and his heritage of craftsmanship, Kirk established his own company in 2012, determined to bring back the powerful significance he believed jewelry to have. Built purely on referral and word of mouth, Kirk’s reputation speaks for itself, building his own “family based business” by creating a community of transparency and trust.

Kirk operates from the heart, believing in the genuine joy and romance of jewelry, be it an engagement ring to celebrate a promise and the love story between two people, or a memoir to be treasured, to the ability to create an heirloom or to take something that has been passed down from one generation to another, and breath fresh life in to it to carry the baton forward into the future.

“The gift of fine jewelry is timeless, it doesn’t melt, doesn’t deteriorate, it doesn’t fade. There is emotion attached to a significant piece of jewelry, and the creation of that should be a happy and exciting process!" A GIA graduate, Kirk specializes in diamonds, and is renowned for his personalized care and attention to detail, devoting his time to sourcing the finest quality materials, and working intimately with his clientele, educating them and guiding them to understand their buying choices, empowering them with knowledge and his resources.

Without the brand name margins and retail store expenses, Kirk offers a direct to consumer price-point, putting his clients budget first and foremost, making your investment go further, the result being something extraordinary, with exquisite craftsmanship, and honest pricing.