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Lifetime Guarantee

      We at GOUGASIAN stand behind our product and guarantee the finest craftsmanship. Our items are all ethically sourced, processed, and manufactured in New York City. If for any reason due to manufacturing, a repair is needed or a melee diamond (the smaller diamonds on the ring) pops out, we will replace the diamond and repair your item at no cost to you. We will look at each case on an individual basis, and if for any reason we feel there has been negligence towards your item (physical damage) that has caused the issue, we have every right to refuse or charge for repair. In this instance, we will give you an estimate of cost, and wait for an approval before starting the repair. All repair costs must be paid prior to starting. We know that keeping jewelry clean can be difficult.  If you have an event or would like your jewelry to be refreshed and brought up to its best again, you may pop into our location for a deep clean at no cost, but please allow about 15 minutes for us to get the job done correctly. We will only clean GOUGASIAN jewelry, and not items made elsewhere.  This is for insurance purposes, as we can only stand by the quality of our craftsmanship.