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Engagement Rings

Realizing you have met the one you can’t live without is a very big deal, deciding you are going to propose is huge, and then comes finding the ring! Kirk has made it his business to make this as clean and straight forward for you as possible. The questions below will help you do the ground work, so by the time you meet with Kirk, you'll already have a clear idea of what you want.

These simple steps will make a big difference.
  • Ask her closest friends and/or family (that you can trust!) if she has ever mentioned anything, or showed them anything that she likes.

  • Is her Pinterest page public? Is she permanently logged in to it on her computer? This is the only time it’s okay to snoop! A lot of women start an interest board of jewelry they like, and often have a whole board of dream engagement rings.

  • What jewelers is she following on instagram? Go to her profile (from your account), and hit following on the top right, next to her photo. Scroll through and look for jewelry in the name title, or a jewelry photo. The jewelers she follows will be a strong indicator of her style and taste.

  • Notice! Pay attention, what metal does she mostly wear? Is she a gold or a platinum girl? What suits her best? 

  • What are her friends doing? Has she commented on her friends rings at all, specifically ones that she does or doesn’t like?

  • Does she wear any existing rings on that finger? Even rings worn on other fingers can be a good gage of size if you can remember which one. On the day we meet, see if you can smuggle this ring.  That will help us get her size with accuracy and secrecy.

And finally, what would a comfortable budget look like for you? Really think about this as it’s important.  Don’t be vague.  Get really clear on what you are comfortable investing. This is a one time and very important purchase, so it is worth the investment, but no woman that truly loves you will ever want you to be put in an uncomfortable position on buying this ring, so look at your finances and be really honest with yourself in what you want to invest. That’s where we will start. 


    Once you have figured out a few of these very helpful hints above, and need to dive deeper into your purchase, we offer a one-on-one consultation to clarify any other questions you may have about diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands or our custom process before making your investment. to set up your consultation appointment today!

    I look forward to meeting you and creating something extraordinary, exclusively to you! 


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